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Disneybound Challenge Week Twenty Four: Mushu

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Outfit +Lika Ruby+china outfit Chunjie(red) SLURL
Hair Tukinowaguma ReigetuGold SLURL
Pose ~Virtual Props~ My Ruin Multipose Prop SLURL
Sim Steelhead Nevermore SLURL

I knew EXACTLY who I wanted to wear when I saw it was Mushu. I had just discovered Lika Ruby last week for a Steelhead dance. This is not the outfit I wore to the dance, that ones pink. I went back to the store and found something that fit mushu quite well.

The hair is a bit of fun from Tukinowaguma..not something I'd wear often.

Two more weeks of this left. Wish it was longer! I could do these forever, its so much fun!

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