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Disneybound Challenge Week Twenty Six: Mr. Walt Disney

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Outfit Kaithleen's Tweed Vest and Trousers Grey SLURL
Outfit {Happy} Confidence Blouse (White) SLURL
Outfit Schadenfreude Tree Necktie Pair SLURL
Pose D.Luxx Poses - Fairy Tale Delights - I Do Believe in Fairies SLURL
Sim Sarah's Magic Kingdom - Disney Museum (SMK) SLURL

This is the last Disneybound post. And it ended with the man that started it all instead of a character. Natalee made a beautifully touching post about how big an influence Disney and his Legacy has had on her life.

Disney had a huge influence on mine as well. I can't recall a time when Disney was not in my life. Some of my best memories center around the movies, the parks or the music. Oh the music, one of my biggest loves is the music. Disney and Broadway, then the two met and I was just in heaven.

Thank you Mr Disney, for your dream that led to your legacy.

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