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52 Crayola Crayons Week Forty - Gargoyle Gas

Week Forty

  Gargoyle Gas
255, 223, 70

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Outfit Cerridwen's Cauldron-Boutique Medieval Yellow"SLURL
HairA&A Aquene Hair 5, boxedSLURL
Pose*~*HopScotch*~* Candy Fluff SLURL
PoseAvailable at Candy Fair!SLURL
SimPumpkin townSLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

  Alien Armpit
132, 222, 2

With one exception, all of this months crayons come from a 2006 set of crayons called Silly Scents. They where scented but I have no idea what they smelled like as they all have crazy names that well, it they smelled like they are name they'd be NASTY.

The pose is another Hopscotch pose this time for an event that looks like TONS of fun and with as often as I am looking for candy themed items I have got to get my self too once its not in the OMG JUST OPENED MUST GO rush. It's called Candy fair and if you want a preview of all the exclusive items you can find visit this pintrest board

For the first haunted place I explore this year I chose Pumpkin Town. And it took a while! It has events which makes exploring hard so I couldn't go then. And the place is very Busy and a wee bit laggy, Textures took FOREVER to rez and then kept blurring on me. But it was a lovely place, good for both autumn shots and spooky shots, a nice haunted house and swamp area, some shops and other spooky things!

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You can see all my shots from Pumpkin town at this link here
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