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13 October 2008 @ 03:55 pm
I went and signed up for both a blogspot and a wordpress account for Fae Kitty Design and Realm of the Fae Kitty. I figured using them would make it easier for my designs to get out there, since most of the clothing showcase places use one of them. As well as make it easier to announce events held on my land.

Here's the blogspot

Here's the wordpress.

Yes I know they look different. I'd LOVE to get them to match but I lack knowhow with CSS and Wordpress seems to only use that.

Blogspot uses html to customize, I had found a pretty layout I liked and changed the image to one of me in that one. Simple easy no problems. my header is on my personal server. I should get around and save all the rest of the layout images to it as well.

On Wordpress I had to chose a layout that allowed me to use a custom header, since creating or even editing a css layout is above my head. I made up what I thought was a fabulous looking one. and discovered that it wont take png headers. So I redid it as a jpg uploaded it and..it reduced its quality and made it blurry! *whines*

I really just don't like how hard it is to do anything with Wordpress style customizing wise. heck I have a css version of the blogspot layout but since I don't know css I can't edit in my custom image! So I may end up not using the wordpress.


Oh and the new blogs are only for the store and sim events, not my random ramblings and explorations about Secondlife. That's just for here! As well as the store posts.
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