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14 October 2008 @ 07:18 am
My geek, let me show you it...  
Yes I went and did it.

I present you Ozma of Oz!

For those that have NO idea who the heck this is Princess Ozma on Wikipedia She's in every book BUT the first one. If you've seen the movie Return to Oz she's in it towards the end.

She's usually depicted wearing a white gown, and her crown has poppies on the sides of it. With the O in the Z symbol on her forehead.

And let me tell you that was a PAIN to make. I wanted to put this up for sale but I’m not sure now due to how hard it may be to resize the thing down for human sized heads. I'm not sure if I CAN, it's got soo many tiny tiny prims in it. I'll try if you all think I should.

Took myself to the Oz sim for the photos of course!

love the angle of the last shot on the throne.

Oh yes OZ has custom fish and they are FRICKING ADORABLE!

The hat's a SUR...and you can catch a lot of other adorable Chipmunk items and other Oz things as well! While taking photos I caught the hat and a fishy Toto, but its tiny and my computer went TPPPTTHHH at me when I tried to get a shot of him. I’ll try again later.

I also entered a photo contest for Oz. Called Pose like a Munchkin! I took two photos for it and Adar helped me pick which one to enter.

Entered the first one with me laying down.

All the entries

Just mine on flickr

Oh and here's the full version of the photo I took to make my Halloween witch icon.

That's it for now!

Yes I know, I'm a geek..
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Androgene the Soulessmerisua on October 14th, 2008 10:04 pm (UTC)
If you do want to try resizing it, then it might help to unlink everything and only resize stuff like the bands around the head and the poppies, if necessary. The really tiny stuff might just look fine left at the size it is.