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Why I haven't been posting

I developed a really super bad case of Bronchitis. It's going on for WEEKS and I've been to the doctors several times for it. It's just an UGH horribly lingering strain of it. It, or side effects from it like pulling muscles from coughing, have made me miss so many things this year so far. I am so tired of being sick and tired! I even managed to pop blood vessels in my eyes from coughing so hard! It was scary looking.

So I've barely managed to do much of anything let alone feeling up to Secondlife and Blogging!

I am thankfully on the mend and doing better, Just in time to have a jam packed week this week with Oklahoma Renaissance Faire Academies and the wedding of one of my Best freidns. I'm Matron of Honor!

Hoping to getting back into blogging after this weekend. I do miss it and exploring Secondlife!

Relay Season has Started as well.

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