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The Four Elements

This is a photo shoot theme I've been sitting on a while and last night got off my tail and did it.

A while back Boudoir released some fabulous outfits each themed to one of the four classical Elements, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. I took them, paired them with poses from LostAngel Industries Elemental pose props and took myself off to a skybox for the shoot. I chose to just use a simple textured background on each one to make the pose and outfit be the stand out.

Slurl to Boudoir

Slurl to LostAngel Industries

These are all taken in-world with the only post processing done was cropping. No touching up no effects. Just fun with windlighting!


posed used [LA] WIND

Click for bigger

Air is my fav of all four shots. I just love how it looks like I blended myself into the clouds but nope, that's all in world!


posed used [LA] Enchanting Siren

Click for bigger

I didn't like any of the Earth items, they where all to small or got lost in the outfit so I used a water based pose for Earth.


posed used [LA] The Seven Elements: Fire

Click for bigger

I love the dragon in my hair for this outfit. And the ring of fire pose was just perfect.


posed used [LA] Undersea Treasure

Click for bigger

Water is my second fav shot. And I wish I could show the animation on the skit of this outfit, it shimmers like the sun on the water.

I loved doing this theme shoot, I should look into doing more of them!

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