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Fantasy Faire 2014 Sim - Sanctum

The first of the shopping sims I bring you is Sanctum. A floating island city over lava fields. It was designed and built by the amazing Alia Baroque and his shop Fallen Gods Inc. is the sim sponsor

SLurl to Sanctum

Slurl to Fallen gods

Sim store Directory

All of my Sanctum photos are at this link

Sanctum is a sublime build that to me represents a safe spot in the middle of a horrible place. The floating buildings are accessed by a path of solid clouds going up from the two adjoining sims. They are a little hard to spot at first but very solid underfoot once you're on them. Once up there you will find stately marble buildings with the stores in them. Along with patches of green grass with happy sheep on them.

Click to see bigger

Click to see bigger

The Centerpiece of the sim is a stairway going up into Heaven, flanked on each side by NONE weeping angels. It leads up to a pair of locked golden gates. Which I assume must have somethign to do with one of the hunts that will happen later on in the run of the faire.

Click to see bigger

Click to see bigger

Do stop by soon!

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