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20 October 2008 @ 01:12 am
new default icon  
it is prettiful and I luffs it lots.

This weekend I went on my first Ode butterfly hunt. It was hard but fun. I now have a few pieces of the fabled Ode to Caledon jewelry and now know where to go to get more when they aren't having a big event. This weekends was in celebration of the annual monarch migration across the US.

And OOOOHH this place is just stunning. The sim is called Ode. its just acres and acres of flowers. SOOO pretty. It's like something out of my dreams. *surl here*

Grab a free net from the lil house and go romping in the fields to scare up the butterflies and catch them! Random ones will have the Ode to Caledon jewelery pieces in them! there's several sets to collect. Each set has a Necklace, Pendant, Brooch, Bracelet, Ring, Earring (L), Earring (R) and a Hair piece. I have NO idea how many sets there are, some are harder to find then others. There's a group to join as well that will tell you when the big hunts take place in other sims and to trade your pieces with. Ode Butterfly Collectors there's a sign for it in the house you Teleport into with the surl I used.

wide shot..soooo pretty

I figured out where to go to get the fields of flowers and put out a rose field in my garden area. Oh for more prims to have more of these on my land!

I love this shot.

and two random not related photos taken while just exploring

The new Ice palace at Creative fantasy

A really cute fairy place in Wildefleur. it's so Whimsical I love it! *surl*
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