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Evie’s Closet, Balderdash, Decadent Courtesan, and Musa on the Sanctum Fantasy Faire Sim.

Now that I have shown you the sim it's time to see what some of the Relay offerings you can buy on it are! Again you can get a list of all the stores on the Sanctum sim at this link and it has links to each creators main store.

I have two dresses, one pose maker and one necklace to show off to you!

Lets start with a dress by one of my all time Favorite designers, Evangeline Miles

It is a recolor of one of her new gowns, and this color is exclusive to Relay. The gown is called Ceridwen, it's mesh and comes in several sizes and the Relay shade is several muted Purples. It's a stunning graceful gown that to me is akin to something a Muse would wear.

I also have on a necklace from Balderdash by Saiyge Lotus called The Bit of Hope Necklace. When I saw she had a hope necklace I had to have it.

And I am using one of two Relay poses by Muse Poses. They come with glowing magical orbs and are quite lovely. The other pose I used in my other photo.

The second gown is by a new to me store called Decadent Courtesan By Vanyi AKA Kitty Moon. It is called simply KM Backless Purple - RFL. Her store on Sanctum has a wide variety of other offerings as well.

The quality is quite good and I love how nicely it drapes. Do go check her out!
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