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02 May 2014 @ 10:17 pm
Fantasy Faire 2014 Sim - Blackwater Glenn  
The next sim I bring you is Blackwater Glenn. It is created by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee of The Looking Glass and is also Sponsored by them.

SLurl to Blackwater Glenn

Slurl to The Looking Glass

Sim store Directory

You can see all of my photos of the sim at this link

Blackwater Glenn is a wonderfully swampy sim with scatters of glowing mushrooms about. It is also home to one of the three Faire Roleplays going on. Pirates of the Trade Winds

I, as it is known, have a weakness for fun mushrooms so I love the groupings scattered about this sim

Click to see bigger

This large grouping is a special favorite. Its just so amazing!

Click to see bigger

Down the middle of the sim is a big watery swamp teaming with flying critters, and the pirates make shift Bar, thing.

Click to see bigger

But all over the sim are these amazing Spanish moss covered trees, the moss dangling down just beautiful.

Click to see bigger

It's hosts some of my favorite stores so go take a look! You won't regret it, Just watch out for the pirates!
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