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Cavernna Obscurea, Sublime Shroud Kreations, and meadowWorks on Blackwater Glen Fantasy Faire Sim

Blackwater Glenn boasts a number of excellent Shops. You can get the full list at this page

Elvina Ewing of Caverna Obscura has been a longtime Favorite Creator of mine. None of her items in the Relay vendors are faire Exclusives or new to the farie, which means I had them already. But I am showing off one of them as it's just stunning. It's the newest addition to her dryad line, a Sakrua Dryad outfit. Which so far is my favorite of all the dryad outfits she's created

I found a new to me creator Sublime Shroud Kreations, who is sharing the booth with De La Soul, and quite enjoy the Relay offerings.

First is the*SSK* RFL Special Edition Moroi Ensemble, which is a lovely dark purple skirt.

And the other one I have to show you is the *SSK* RFL Special Edition Daenarys Ensemble, a skirt and top set in purple and teal.

Lastly I have to show you some of the offerings by meadowWorks talented creator Garvie Garzo. I met her at last years Fantasy Faire when she was just starting her store, and let me tell you, her work which was already good then, has just improved. She creates items for the home and mostly garden, all original scuplts, meshes and textures. Stunningly beautiful textures! Her store on the sim is a delight to visit as all her items are rezed on display.

First I will show you Three items in one photo. Dryad ~ Wisteria, Mermaid ~ Basking ~ Aqua Transport, and Nixie Pond & Fountain ReZzer. All are offerings in relay vendors. The mermaid in the pond is script resizable so you can make her full sized or fit her down into the cute Nixie pond.

And my favorite of her offerings is this ADORABLE set of Bunny lanterns, which I am sure will be one of her most popular items this faire. They are just way to cute!

And with this readers, I will leave you till Sunday, or possibly Monday, as I am off to opening weekend of the Renaissance Faire I work at. If you have a free weekend this Month and live near it come by the Oklahoma Renaissance Faire and come find me in the Fairy Glen! I'm the one in the pink with the cat tail!

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