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16 July 2014 @ 11:26 pm
Lesson learned  
Trying to blog Fantasy faire during the first week of OKRF does not work. To little time and to much stuff to do off the computer. Plus I am just to TIRED from opening weekend of OKRF and then its a short week as we have a Friday at the faire for Childern's day... Hopefully next year FF will be back fully in April instead of in mostly May.

But I do still have images from it to show off, and as Relay is THIS WEEKEND I figured now is the time to get off my tail and do so.

First the sim photos. No need for SLURLs for them as they have all vanished into the mist, with just photos as reminders of how stunning they where.

Fantasy Faire 2014 Sim - Heavenslough
Designed by Alrunia Ahn Eldowyn Inshan and Sweetgwendoline Bailey

Fantasy Faire 2014 Sim - Hopes Horizon
Designed by Jaimy Hancroft

Fantasy Faire 2014 Sim - Medhir Woods
Designed by Rynn Verwood

Fantasy Faire 2014 Sim - Asperatus
Designed by Beq Janus

Fantasy Faire 2014 Sim - Wiggenstead Mooring
Designed by Kayle Matzerath

I loved this years builds and am sad I did nto get to spend as much time in them as I wanted. Ahh Real Life and its Second Life interferences!!

Now we have all the shots of clothing and other items I bought or picked up for blogging. I can't even remember any of the names of the outfits, but I will try to post who created them to the best of my memory. I have NO idea anymore if the items where fantasy faire exclusives or are available now.

The Library and Aisling

The Library and Aisling

Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions

*Independent Objects* and Analogdog

Folly and White Armory

Folly Close up

22769 and Sax Shepherd Designs


Apsara and unsung

Feyline Fashions

Feyline Fashions


Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Grimm Brothers

Poet’s Heart

Poet’s Heart , Hopscotch

Les Encantades

Vita's Boudior

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