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04 August 2014 @ 05:40 am
StoryBrooke Gardens  

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Outfit *{Junbug}* Antoinette in Blush SLURL
Crown *May's Soul* Princess day, magic crown gold RARESLURL
Choker and shoulder jewelry
Alchemy - Dreams
Hair*Calico* AiyanaSLURL
Pose .:. Infiniti . - LakshmiSLURL
Sim *StoryBrooke Gardens*SLURL

Lets ease back into blogging shall we?

I think a lot of what I have on for this sim shoot came from events. But with the exception of the jewelry, which came from the recently closed The Secret Affair, I can't remember positively or not if they did. And no matter if they did or not, all the events are closed now. The items may be at their creators store but may not be. All you can do is look!

The build I am exploring is a lovely skybox build put together by Lauren Bentham. It's very popular currently though, and has a few either, ghosts or bots sitting around in it. Mostly newbies, one guy has been sitting on the landing point for weeks, every time I went there! But other then him no one is in anyway annoying. And its worth the trip!

It's a beautiful build with lots of hidden nooks and items hidden about. So many cute things! Look for the chipmunk family!

If you're looking for a nice spot to spend an hour relaxing or for a romantic stroll. This is a good spot! Highly recommend!

You can see all my photos of it at this link here