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07 December 2008 @ 04:11 am
With in Photo dump  
So while I'm still bouncing about the grid looking for a place where I can get a photo that will be perfect for a Holiday icon, I'm going to pause and post the photos I took while completing the first stage of Mad Pea's Within game.

Adar, Ado, Turlock and I tried this game as a group when it first started up. Got frustrated with it REAL fast. But now they have a walk through so I gave it another go. So I tossed on my Trench coat and Got it done in an evening. I'm sure the next part will be a pain to try to solve on my own though. Ah well it was loads of fun!

Onto the photos. I'm going to be a stinker so I don't spoil to much for anyone that might want to do it and mostly just post the photo with no explanation. Not even gonna say which part is which bwhahah!

I will say the Sim where they have all the room at now is just gorgeous. I really need to go back and explore it some just on its own.

The photos are in the order I did the game in. so it starts at the starting point and the last few will be of the end. You can do the rooms in any order though.

I will say explore this room carefully and touch EVERYTHING. I kept having to go back to fetch something I didn't grab my first time in it.

And now I am an assassin. Guess I have to find a different outfit then the detective one now.

Should get off my tail and do some of the other Games Mad Peas has. Firefly looks interesting. I've doing the Mad Missions they have monthly as well. And right now theres an advent calendar with riddles of various degrees of hardness each day.

Now to also find and take the perfect photo to turn into a Christmas Icon. The biggest problem there is the Icon part. I've got some fabulous photos taken of some of the holiday outfits I got in amazing snowy places. Just getting that holiday feel in an icon is turning out to be the trick! AH well I will get it soon!
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