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A Year of Themes - Week 1 - Beginnings / New Years

If you are doing this challenge please comment on the post! And for more info click here!

Flickr Group for the Challenge

Week 1 Theme
Beginnings / New Years

click for bigger
Outfit *EC* Sylfai Gown - Primrose SLURL
JewelryMaxi Gossamer - Mabon Night FlowerSLURL
Pose{NanTra} So it BeginsSLURL
Simvarious beginner areasSLURL in post

Next Weeks Theme

I, actually had a hard time deciding how I wanted to do my inaugural Year of Themes post. I finally chose to go with checking out the beginners experiences in Second Life. And wore clothing that represents newness.

The lovely white dress by Evie's Closet was chosen as white means purity and beginnings. A new slate, the start of things. the gown is lovely and I think it was from an event. So you may have to check her blog at https://glamorpuss.wordpress.com/ for its location to buy.

All the photos I took.

For my exploration of begging in Second Life, I went over to a newly created Account that belongs to Turlocks Girlfriend and grabbed the SLURLS they gave her. Couldn't find a link to the VERY first place she logged in at, But I think that area may be blocked to an older account anyway.

I started at a Welcome Center SLURL There was not a lot to well, learn at it. Lots of people though, so perhaps they are there to help out newcomers.

Next off I went to one of the Public Help Islands SLURL.

I found this area slightly more useful to someone that may be trying to figure out how to work things in Second Life. More information and items. But at least this one seemed slightly outdated. Lots of new features are available now! And the freebie store had SYSTEM hair!

Clicking on an explore Second Life sign took me to a slightly confusing area that did have some more info, but it was closely packed in and well, confusing.

I left there and went to one of the many Orientation Islands Slurl

This I think is the place newcomers need to go through. It teaches you the basics you need to know, movement, clothing, building, talking. Most games have a "tutorial" mode when you start and Orientation areas are basically that. we need to bring them back into being THE first area newbies log into! It's such a useful tool to have!

When I left that area I was taken to a linden chalet which had some fun activities. But I think what a beginner to Second Life needs, besides the Orientation island experience, is told about the destination guide and all the great sims it lists. So you can see Second Life in its true beauty and experience it proper.

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