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08 January 2015 @ 01:33 pm
A Year of Themes - Week 2 -Birthdays!  
It would seem I got the dates I plotted everything out on and the day of the week they happen on off by one. Since I wanted it to start on the first day of the new year I went with those dates. But those dates are on a Thursday and not a Wednesday like Is aid the challenge would be updated. So, its updating n Thursdays and not Wednesdays like previously said.

Week 2 Theme

Click for bigger

Outfit *EC* Chryseis Fairy SLURL
Hair !!Calico Creations!! Eira SLURL
Pose *{what next}Balloon Love Pose Set SLURL
Sim Wizardhat Studios SLURL

Next Weeks Theme

Birthdays! Why did I pick birthdays for the second week? Well that's because Today is my 40th birthday for real and I am celebrating hard and all over the place. And to me, celebrating your birthday in part means wallowing in all the things you love. Also balloons, cake, and flowers. So I am doing so!

Just in time for my birthday one of my FAVORITE Second Life designers released a lovely new fairy dress for We <3 RP. I let out a loud YAY seeing Evie's new design and put it on as fast as I could manage! Paired it with one of my favorite hairs and found myself a lovely flower filled sim to explore !

The sim is called Wizardhat Studios but its a lovely nature filled sim

I love the lay out of the sim, with the beach, forest and mountains.. And while it LOOKS like it has a number of vistores, what it did, to save prims was load up some bots as various critters moving about the sim. and one tree ent! That may annoy some but I thought it very clever. Some of them are hard to spot when you roam. But seeing one out of the corner of the screen just adds to the realizim of the sim to me.

The sim has various pose items scattered about and tons of dance engines. So exploring it was fun to see what all I could find. And I am sure I missed a lot.

There are also two small castles on the grounds. Simple builds but pretty

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and do recommend a visit!

You can see all my photos from the sim here
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