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16 December 2008 @ 02:24 pm
Christmas around the grid  
Going to be making several posts in a row today. Of some of the photos I've taken in various holiday dressed up areas. LOOTTSS of photos in them!

We'll start with a random areas post. Then go on to Tuckborough and IOW then to OZ, I'm also just now exploring New Babbage and will make a post of that place later today or possibly tomorrow.

Onto The random areas!

Most of these where taken on my quest to find a place to get a good shot for a Holiday icon. There is one location that I would love to go and take loads and loads of photos at but can't and that's Spellbound woods. Part of the Creative Fantasy areas. I LOOOOVVEEE those sims but until I upgrade my card..again, and get more memory..again, the place is lag central and takes HOURS to load fully. So I couldn't take all the photos I wanted there.

This was in some Christmas area, the northern lights! SUCH a stunning effect.

In the same area.

The above one and the next few are all Spellbound woods.

Also I adore the outfit I have on. Got it on Xstreet. I made me decided I need more Victorian gowns and hats that I can adjust to fit my head like this one.

ok this one is actually on MY land but I'm sitting on a Creative fantasy item, that I go back to its spellbound display later. The only way you can tell is the green in the background.

New dress, Evie's Closet holiday gown. Still Spellbound woods, the candy cane house.

The next few are taken at a plot in Neith. I was trying to show off my holiday outfits and get a good shot for an icon.

gave up that idea after a few shots though :P

And that's it for the random locations. Next post. IOW and Tuckborough!

And I'll get some shots of what I have up on my land for the holidays soon.

Heck I'll get some shots of my land soon too!
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