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15 January 2015 @ 07:17 pm
A Year of Themes - Week 3 - Pink!  
If you are doing this challenge please comment on the post! And for more info click here!

Flickr Group for the Challenge

Week 3 Theme

Click for bigger

OutfitWinter Faerie ~SUGAR~ Outfit by Caverna Obscura SLURL
HairExile::Sugar High SLURL
Jewelry*C:K* Wonderful Sakura NecklaceSLURL
PoseSecret Body - Frame Pose (Baby Pink)Marketplace
SimThe Pink Dragon ~ Candyland SLURL

Next Weeks Theme

As January is my Birthday month all month the themes are things I like most. Pink is my all time favorite color.

Pink, to me is just the most happy color. It's full of innocence and sweetness and fun. But also can be sexy and sultry if you want it to be. A far more versatile color with all its different shades and meanings then people initially think it is.

It took me FOREVER to chose just which pink outfit to wear for this one. I have more pink then anything. I settled on a outfit by Caverna Obscura, another of my favorite stores, that makes me think of frosting and fun times.

For the sim to explore for pink, I wanted to find something just adorable and sweet and PINK. And with Pangloss having vanished into the mist it took some searching. But I found it in a new sim called Pink Dragon. It's a light Rp sim and open to nearly all avatar types. I liked the candy land theme, it was done just well enough with out being overdone.

All photos here

There are quite a few areas to explore, some private homes to rent out, and some place to play about at.

Do go give it a visit!
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