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16 December 2008 @ 03:22 pm
Christmas around the Isles  
The Isle of Wyrms has REALLY outdone itself for how fantastic the sims looks for the holidays. I am extremely impressed with it. Plus there is the "the ice dragon cometh" Winter Festival going on and soon the Winter Solstice hatching!

I have sadly missed a lot of the Festival events due to moving in real life. Which sucks. But this is not the LJ for my rants about my move. This is for my Secondlife not my first!

So Onto the photos!

Mom on her pretty sled and unicorn at Tuckborough.

Look at all that snow! It's so cold the red dragon turned blue!

The sandbox has been turned into a ice fairground. And the lake is perfect for skating now!

I do so love the stuff folk do to these three heads.

Down in the sandbox now. For the record the above photo is my 1000 photo taken

Even inside the cathedral has been changed!

off to the former Isle of Fright, now Christmas Island, AKA Tuckborough.

But first the dragon head near Tuckborough on Eragon

Mom looks so cute.

Overhead shot

inside this amazing Gingerbread castle are the entries for the Gingerbread house competition. I entered it!

I came in third for most edible.

Sadly the night of the awards ceremony my net went down and I missed it. boo! I've also yet to go back to look at them again to see if there are ribbons or anything. And I have NO clue who's house is who's other then mine.

I do plan to go back once I'm done exploring New Babbage and take some more photos. And of course for the Hatching.

First floor of the castle, inside it. The contest entries are on the second floor. I have a shot of each one!

Now for the Gingerbread house competition entries. Starting with the photo below this text. I didn't go in order of ABC for the photo taking. Just where I started.

We had a limit of 30 prims, and it had to be 4x4x5 with one script. Everything had to be edible! And it had to be some form of housing.

There where 17 entries

This one's mine! The fence is Neco wafers, the path starburst, the chimney is Pez and the tree icing. In case you couldn’t figure that out.

Side view with a shot of my peppermint mushrooms.

I had wanted to make it a mushroom house, but it just wasn't turning out well so I went with a normal house.

Wide shot of the second floor

Left the castle and onto the rest!

At this point it came time to go to the Winterfest opening ceremonies so I TPed to the Cathedral. Which was ssoo laggy due to being PACKED.

I did get a few shots

OMG! It's DARYTH! In Person! ...she's the Hedgie on the snail.

Look at that crowd

At one point during this I crashed. Then gave up and had to go. I haven't had a chance to pop back over. Need to. Didn’t finish Tuckborough's photos and I want to see what else is going on!

More from the isles will come later!
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