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A Year of Themes - Week 8 - Dreams

Trying to get back on track of this thing. It's been a really hard month, funerals, sicknesses, unexpected long trips, sewing marathons, Pet deaths, and just like I said, a LOT Of Lemons. And I'm still recovering from the last one thrown at me in the form of the flu that knocked me out for most of this week with 100+ temps and other blechs.

So lets back track to the ones I missed...starting with week 8!

If you are doing this challenge please comment on the post! And for more info click here!

Flickr Group for the Challenge

Week 8 Theme

Click for bigger

OutfitThe White Armory -The Fair MelusinSLURL
JewelryAisling Dangara -Collar&Necklace SLURL
Pose{Rook} Dream of FairySLURL
SimPandora Box of Dreams - Dreams of SakuraSLURL

Next Weeks Theme

Everyone has dreams, and everyone dreams. And places can be dreamy, and that is what I went for this week, "dreamy" And this sim is perfect for it. And to my understanding the "dream theme" will change every so often. So there is only a little more time left to enjoy the Sakura dreams. It's a gorgeous sim and well worth all the blogs made about it.

http://www.softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/dreamsofsakura/index.html all my photos of this amazing sim

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