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A Year of Themes - Week 12 - Spring

If you are doing this challenge please comment on the post! And for more info click here!

Flickr Group for the Challenge

Week 12 Theme

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OutfitVita'a Boudoir Fairy AffairSLURL
PoseSecret Body - Princess poseSLURL
SimWanderstill, OdeSLURL

Next Weeks Theme
Rez day

so for this week that was originally meant to be posted the day before Spring started I chose a beloved sim that I knew was the epitome of SPRING. And also was relatively simple and wouldn't take me all that long to rephotograph it.

However, apparently the amazing Saiyge Lotus is in the middle of redoing both Ode and Oubliette and adding a ton of stuff, including fun with tunnels under the mountains! A LOT more to see and find then in the past. And she's still in the middle of the redo. So I stuck with going to Ode and skipped doing Oubliette as it was having more work done at the time.

And so what I thought would be an hour or two turned into a several days worth of exploring to make sure I found it all, also I had other things to do so couldn't do it in one sitting..I took a ton of photos, all of which you can see here

And if you haven't been to these two iconic Secondlife sims in a while GO AGAIN! Much has changed, but the amazing flower fields are still about.

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