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31 March 2015 @ 08:11 pm
A Year of Themes - Week 13 - Rez day  
If you are doing this challenge please comment on the post! And for more info click here!

Flickr Group for the Challenge

Week 13 Theme
Rez day

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Outfit-AZUL- Issy /Sakura (2ndRunnerUp/MVW2015) SLURL
JewelryZURI~Miss Metaverse 2013 Vintage Pearl Pink Diamond Tiara SLURL
JewelryZuri Rayna~Belle Hearts Set-Pink Diamond/Pink NecklaceSLURL
HairOakLeaf Hair Khaleesi Hair Marketplace
PoseCelestics - From the WoodsMarketplace
SimWanderstill, OdeSLURL

Next Weeks Theme

So this was obviously meant for last Thursday, the one before my Rez day on Saturday.

Every year I update my Profile photo. I also do it at major avatar changes. And for this weeks theme I decided to Show off all my past Profile photos. The photo I used for this week is my new profile photo.

As for the rest we will start with the very first one in 2008!

I can tell this was taken in the Cathedral at Isle of Wyrms. I am in my very first Avatar by Luskwood. And I THINK the outfit is by either fancy fairy or Caverna Obsurca...but not sure which one.


Still in the luskwood, and I KNOW I am wearing Caverna Obscura as it is one of my favorite early outfits based on a Nene Thomas painting that I LOVE. This sim is my old plot I had to give up years back.


Not a clue here about anything other then still in the Luskwood..


And here we have the first base avatar change into an Anthroxtacy Cat. The dress I know is by Evie's Closet. Rest not a clue, though I THINK the sim is the same as the 2010 one.


The year I started wearing glasses in SL. Still in the Anthroxtacy cat. Can't remember anything else.

2012 also was the year of a base Avatar change..twice.

First I switched to the Kinzart Kreetures House Cat with a tabby coat as tinting the white cat didn't work the eyelids stayed white.

But between September and October of 2012 I managed to find someone to make me a custom skin so I was happily back to cream.

And I can't find that Profile photo...I might have held onto the tabby one for a bit. Because the profile pic change in 2103 took place in January not March. According to the dates on the photos at least..


Kinzart with a custom skin. No clue on anything else.


And here is last years! I haven't changed base Avatars in a while as very few new house cats have emerged, most involve a TON of modding other base avatars with very little in the way of expressions.

I kinda wish Anthroxtacy would update their house cat to mesh. They had the best expressions of all three avatars I have used.

And NOW I am all caught up with the Themes. Time to go catch up on the Pin up poses!
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