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Fantasy Faire 2015 Sim -Fairelands Junction

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Outfit*LE* Laiquendi Tunic OrchidMarketplace
NecklaceKM Dash of Hope Fairy Dust RFL 1SLURL
Hair.ploom. LondonSLURL
Hair Wreath*Evie's Closet* Butterfly CrownSLURL
Pose *~*HopScotch*~* How you turn my worldSLURL
Sim Fairelands Junction SLURL

AND WE HAVE LIFT OFF! *blows trumpets, throws glitter* FANTASY FAIRE IS OPEN!

It's been open a few hours in fact, but I had a dentist appointment and wasn't able to post till now.

The outfit you see above is my "base" outfit for exploring the sims. It's what I will be in unless in the sim posts. The necklace is a relay item from THIS years Fantasy faire and you can get it on the Aurora sim. It's a lil vile of hope fairy dust and I fell in love with it the moment I opened the blogger package up and saw it. I will also be adding it to my Relay day outfit.

I am very glad this year, that I am not relaying in honor of anyone I lost this past year. Though I know others are, and others are going through cancer right now. My friend Moria whom I was Relaying for last year is in full remission of hers. And so this year I simply Relay to bring hope to others. Hope that one day this beast of a disease will be beaten back in ALL its forms. And that one day the words , "You have Cancer" will not be so filled with dread and fear.

I will start my trip around the faire with the usual starting point, then go clockwise around the sims. So, here we go...From the webpage..

Sponsored by Cerridwen’s Cauldron.

Fairelands Junction (by Saiyge Lotus) hosts portals to all the other Fairelands, hastening your trip should you not wish to sightsee and explore. This year the Junction is half a mer-realm, so make sure to explore underwater!

Saiyge has once again, done a beautiful job on the Fairelands sim. This year we dive underwater to reach the portals to the other realms. Each encased in an pillared archway. Stunning Bioluminescencent plants encircle the portals. And schools of fish swim among them all. Careful of some of plants! They puff out liquids when touched! And who knows what other secrets the depths hold.

Then if you head upwards you will find the remains of some Grecian pavilions, that house the auction items, as well as an island with a tree and the wall of candles, for remembrance. Scattered about are various boats to laze in and watch the world go by. And bubbling up at one spot is a cluster of balloon/bubbles to cavort in among butterflies. Floating above it all are colored paper lanterns, adding just the right touch to it all.

You can see all my photos at this link here and a few more select ones at my flickr page

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