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Fantasy Faire 2015 Sim - Odyssey

Sponsored by Fallen Gods Inc.

Odyssey (by Alia Baroque)“As you set out on your journey to Ithaca, pray that your journey be a long one, filled with adventure, filled with discovery.” Barry B. Powell, Classical Myth

The first shopping sim on my trip around the Fairelands is the white marbled halls of Odyssey. Keeping with the mer theme started in the Junction, Alia's build makes you feel like you are in the halls of Atlantis risen up from the depths off the cost of Greece, long ago enough for grass and trees to have grown in places. Tall marbled buildings grow up towards the sky, while the waves lap at the stairs to the shops.

Twin mermaid fountains flank the sides of the sim, while in the middle a pair of hippocampus statues recline in the setting sun. Way above it all magic twists and turns it's way out of a cliff side, surrounded by pillars. Who knows what it means. And if you go for a swim, you may find some tunnels under the water.

All in all, its a breathtaking sim, in Alia's unmistakable style, and I am sure it has secrets it still has yet to reveal.

You can see all my photos at this link here and a few more select ones at my flickr page

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