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20 January 2009 @ 01:50 am
I have such a huge amount of photos backlogged that instead of trying to post them all behind a cut for three of the selections I chose to use a thumbnail and page maker. I do still have some to post behind a cut though!

First up are photos of the Magic of Oz sim all done up for Christmas
The sim looked fantastic. Its still all snowy as well but not so Christmasy. They had a candy cane frolic as well. I got two fantastic gowns from it. These photos where taken over several days as you can tell by my changing outfit. One of the days was St Lucy's day, thusly the candles and white gown.

Next are photos taken around the grid. Mostly of snowy scenes
There's some shots of New Babbage, the IOW Winter Hatching dance, and Chakryn forest.

I've been back to the Babbage sims but haven't gotten many photos. I really need to go back and explore them more fully.

Last page of photos is from this fantastic maze/treasure hunt I found called the Fnordian - Moon Labyrinth. *surl*

While going through this maze you look for dragon gems and keys. the gems have prizes inside them and the keys open up doors or chests. You need all the keys to get through the maze, *unless you cheat and fly* and open up the prize chests at the end. The maze has tunnels. Disappearing walls, towers and all kinds of neat things! It was a real challenge. I found all the keys and all the gems but one. There are photos of the prizes I got as well. If you like hunts and mazes I really recommend this one!

And now for photos behind a cut! So..follow the cut to the photos and some babbling.

First. There are new boats from Salvage from Seven Seas. Dragonfly boats! I ADORE these boats so much. There's several different colors to collect.

I've gotten them all now but the red one was my first. The purple one makes me think of Evinrude from The Rescuers.

The mini Hedgies at IOW's Cathedral. The snow globe one is new. These are so freaking cute I wish you could buy them.

These are the photos I took to make my bring it icon. I just wanted to show off the sword. I made it myself from a tutorial. My outfit is from Cavern Obscura and I like it as well. It's one of my fav Warrior type outfits.

This is one of Creative Fantasy's Newest creations. the moment I saw it I KNEW I had to have it. See in my First life I am a cast member at a renaissance faire called Whitehart . And this is Julia's new Whitehart fountain. I LOVE it, If I was rich I'd ask if I could have a version of this made for real to give to the owner of Whitehart. It's soo fantastic. And now sitting on my land. *glees*

And lastly I have this shot of Adar sitting in one of my trees. I just really like the angle and stuff of this shot.

I have some other photos but I'm not done exploring the regions they are from. It's two sets. I've started the Avarain expedition you can play on the Grendel's sims and have shots of that. And I found a new area that I am going to keep a secret for now, though if you peek at my icons you can get a hint.

And that's my massive update! *phews*
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