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23 January 2009 @ 05:24 am
The happiest place on Earth!  
Sooo.. randomly surfing Secondlife blogs and LJ's I ran across one that mentioned a place I HAD to go to. I don't remember the blog so I can't link to it. But the place...its called Magic land..*surl*

What is it?

A very detailed and very well made mini recreation of...DISNEYWORLD!

*clicks for larger*

The place is still being built, in fact when I first arrived there Frontierland wasn't opened and the next day it was.

Each area is small and only has a few of the rides and features of their RL versions. But what they have picked out to recreate they have done a marvelous job on. I'm looking quite forwards to watching the place grow and develop. Maybe one day they'll have their own sim! that would be awesome.

So far they have Main street USA, Fantasyland, a nearly fully working Tomorowland and Frontierland, You can tell they will have an Adventure land soon, and I saw a sign for Mickey's Toontown. I don't know about Liberty Square. It may be just across the street from Adventureland. Some buildings are up and being worked on in that sector.

There's a few stores, mostly selling Disney type items but some not. And freebies abound. Food type stuff, if only the real one gave out free food!

I think I've pretty much gone everyplace that I can right now, and even paned my camera and snuck into a few places that aren't open yet. Soo... Now for the fun part! Onwards to the photos!

I started at the most logical place to start at.. Main Street! The recreations of the buildings are amazing. The detailed texture work is just..wow. No wonder its taking so long to get finished!

Kinda just like the real Disney, always being worked on...

There is a downside to the detailed textures. They take a bit to rez, especially with the slow way textures have been rezzing of late

Those big white boards give a massive and very well worded legal disclaimer about how this is a tribute and they are not claiming to be the Disney folk at all. Its a good piece of work. Covering their asses well they are.

Oh and yes, the train works and goes all around the park. there's the monorail too.

OH..and each land has music! The music played in the parks. The train and monorail give off the actual sound clips. it's fantastic.

Yes I got the mouse ears balloon :p

Now main street leads you right up to the castle!

Frontierland and Adventureland on your left

Tomorowland is on your right Including a space mountain!

I'm not really sure what the rock is supposed to be. The Matterhorn maybe?

But first I go to the castle and fantasyland beyond it!

Where I have a bit of fun with one of my MANY Belle ball gown outfits..PHOTO SHOOT TIME!

And yes. I have the Princess Girl Poses from Striking poses . So I put one to good use!

Playtime over I put the clothing I had been in back on and head into fantasyland. to be greeted by Cinderella’s magic Carousel, the mad teacups and the sword in the stone.

I give it a try.

Fail of course. so its onto the teacups!

Thankfully SL teacups are not as stomach upsetting as RL teacups. I went on a teacup ride at Silver Dollar city over the holidays and it really messed up my poor stomach.

Carousel time!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE carousels in RL, so this was fun. I just wished the horses where 3-d instead of flat cut outs. But that would be a very primmy carousel. maybe one day if they move to a full sim..

Head out and have to go to bed..when I get up I find out that frontier land is now open! So I head over.

Notice the doors open now!

They chose to not do Big thunder mountain or Splash mountain, But they did do the Golden Horseshoe saloon. Its beautiful!

and a small wagon

now the Saloon

its very detailed in and out

now into Tomorowland!

The people movers work, the spacecars don't. neither does Spacemoutnain . .yet

And it looks like eventually they will have Star tours somehow..

I turn a corner and see...THIS...

Which makes me squeal a bit. yeah its EPCOT technically but I LOVE Captain Eo so it made me happy.

And then I got my mind blown..first yes you get the cheesy Glasses to wear..BUT they have the *very crappy quality* film up for watching!

The sounds pretty good too. The video is horrible. Not their fault. It's not on DVD in the US so they are taking most likely taking an already bad Youteube/downloaded copy and showing it in a way that is most likely degrading the quality more. But hey the effort is there! And that means a lot.

I hop on a people mover, then one of my cats makes me hit the button to unsit myself so I just walk the track instead..get to see part of the Star Tours build in the works

They are also working on a scene from something to do with Buzz Lightyear and the lil green alien dudes ..but I don’t seem to have a shot of that :P

I try to get to Space mountain but its blocked off. So I cheat and fly..fall inside and find myself in a world of endless night

It will be interesting to see what they put inside there.

I have to fly back out

And that’s everything they have up and stuff. I do have a couple shots of the corner they are working on..

What will CLEARLY become the Great Jungle Ride

The rest of Adventureland in the works. Some of this may also be Liberty Square. I can NOT see them not having the Haunted mansion at the very least.

I zoomed into the one open building with things in it..and OMG..if this is going to be what I think its going to be it will rock SO much

THE TIKI ROOM!! !!!!!! I LOVE LOVE Love the Tiki room so much! It's one of my Fav things at Disney. I so want this to become what it looks like it will be! *sqees*

And that’s it for what all is up so far. I'm on the parks group so I'll get updates and of course I'll be popping over for look around often. I am looking forwards to seeing this place develop!

I hear they do the parades and also plan to do the electric lights parade eventually!!

Oh yeah..I'm a Disney Fanatic if you couldn't guess already :P
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Jetta Benthammaikujaku on January 23rd, 2009 01:49 pm (UTC)
Hopefully I'll be DJing there soon. I have to put together a notecarded playlist to send to her. Also You should definitely check out Ariel's Cove and Atlantica!
Softpaw,  the fae kitty of roses and columbinesoftpaw on January 23rd, 2009 02:54 pm (UTC)
hehh..shoulda just told her to look at any list of Disney songs and You most likely have it. And if you don't..I bet I do..or between us we can get it quickly.
kristebeck on January 27th, 2009 12:05 am (UTC)
Hi Softpaw :)
Hi Softpaw, glad I had the opportunity to meet you last night...thank you for the wonderful review of Magicland :)

We are working on Magicland every day and plan on adding quite a bit to what is already there...
-Rocket Jets (opening very soon)
-Space Mountain
-Longer Peoplemover track
-Tiki Room
-Jungle Cruise
-Pirates of the Carribbean (hopefully)
-Peter Pan's Flight
-Gadget's Go-Coaster
-Jolly Trolley
-Electrical Parade
-Fireworks (after the Electrical Parade, of course ;) )

I'll see what I can do about making the quality of Captain EO better...a friend actually gave me the copy :)