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The last days...

I haven't been posting much for a variety of reasons. the biggest one being, I am having hard time making this post. But tomorrow the sims go onto the list for deletion so....its time. Much as it pains me. I had thought about digging out old photos but that, that is for a post that I wont be in such tears to make. I'll be making a few more posts about Steelhead in the weeks to come, Fun ones, reminiscing ones., but this is the hard one..the farewell..

Where do I even START?

I know from photos I first set foot in Steelhead in June of 2009, got my first plot there for a store in November of the same year. In February 2010 I moved the Tea Garden to it and that June my home plot.

The store's been long gone but the Tea Garden and my home have been there since I moved in. The Tea Garden was on Cherry Tree lane. This made me stupidly happy as I am a big Mary Poppins fan. And I had just found a final house to never take down again for my home.

I know, the people are what really make Steelhead home, and the people are still about, Heck we even managed to save one of the sims. Nevermoor is now Ravenwood. But things wont ever be the same again. And that makes me so very sad.

I spent several days after the announcement taking photos of the sims, desperately trying to get photos before people took down their plots. I failed on this, some folks up and left before the ink was dried on the post it seems. But I got most of it.

A farewell in photos - Steelhead St. Helens
A farewell in photos - Steelhead Boomtown
A farewell in photos - Steelhead
A farewell in photos - Steelhead Harborside
A farewell in photos - Steelhead Nevermoor

A shot of all the sims, from a corner of St. Helens to Nevermoor way in the distance

I feel so incredibly blessed to have lived in Steelhead. I will miss having a place on Cheery Tree Lane. The Sims will always have a spot in my heart. And I am so incredibly glad the people are not leaving, just, spread out over Secondlife a bit more.

There's was just something special about Steelhead. The sims where beautiful, Lunar is such an amazing builder, and those living there tried to find homes and buildings to live up to his abilities.

I will treasure every moment I live three, mourn and yet celebrate it with those in the group, and await a time when the sims, in a way, may rise again.

Not only was it home, it still IS home, as Steelhead is truly in your heart and not the sims.
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