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~Pandora Box of Dreams~ Dream 006: Dreams of Secrets

And here we have the fifth dream from Pandora's box of dreams, a glorious autumnal dream, Dreams of Secrets.

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Outfit*EC* Siofra FairySLURL
Hair""D!va"" Hair "Sienna" SLURL
PoseSari-Sari - Star Lantern (gold speckle)SLURL
Sim~Pandora Box of Dreams~ Dream 005: Dreams of SecretsSLURL

All my photos of this dream are at this link
I have enjoyed every sing Dream this sim has given us. I am hoping for one last one, a winter holiday dream, for a good round six dreams, but this autumnal one may be the last. But if they do have another you can be sure I'll photograph the heck outta it! And I hope dreams keep coming next year too!

I admit this dream does not have some of my better photography work in it. I think its getting time for another graphics card upgrade, SL's moving slow on me again. That will happen once I get the money from working Haunted Castle in Muskogee this past October. And I hope that fixes it, if not, saving up for a new motherboard and processor!

This dream was a calming mountainside forest in full fall glory, with many winding paths and streams to explore, a few hidden buildings and little nooks and crannies to discover. I think I found all it's "Secrets" and if I didn't I'd love to know what I missed!

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