March 14th, 2011

fairy tale

Relay for life

Secondlife's arm of Relay for Life has started up for this year.

I have been personally and closely touched by Cancer, My Aunt Wilma died of it, My Father in law had it and survived it. I've have other family that has had it.

Greg's *FOL* fight with it was recent and he still feels the effects to this day. I am so glad he won the battle though.

So when Secondlife starts up its RLF I join in, I donated when I can, either by direct donations or buying items where the procides go to RFL. I plan to create some items of my own to offer as well.

The donations page is up as well, if you wish to donate in my name please follow this link. ANY amount helps. I have a personal goal set of $100. Which sadly doesn't count my in world donations. *pfftts*..*now wonders if that can be fixed, must ask Fuzzball*

And thank you.
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