February 1st, 2013

52 weeks of color

52 Crayola Crayons week five - Scarlet

Week Five

252, 40, 71

Outfit  ::: B@R ::: Self Control C2 SLURL
Outfit Outfit is from the Genre event SLURL
Hair.!!Calico Creations!! Aaliyah SLURL
SimVista House on Crown Point
Steelhead boomtown

Next Week's Crayon!!

  Tiger's Eye
181, 105, 23

I offer up many apologizes for this late post. I caught a second round of whatever I had at the START of January that hit harder then the first round. In other words, I have been sick as a dog. Ugh, so tired of all the coughing and the tiredness, and at one point I had a temp of 101!

This weeks crayon color is Scarlet! But, it did not start out with that name! The COLOR was introduced in 1998 in the 24 box, but when it was introduced, it was named Torch Red. It was renamed to Scarlet in 2000, for reasons I have yet to dig up.

This is not the first time Crayola has renamed a color, but the lack of a reason why is baffling me! I now wonder if any of the other renamed colors have no reason, or no reason easily found, for the name change. Oh the Mystery!

I chose to wear a fantastic new outfit by Bare Rose that I picked up at a new event called Genre. This months theme for it is fantasy so of course I jumped right over there fast as I could. With this theme it will be open till February 12th, No idea the next theme but it will be interesting to see what it is!

For my location I chose one of Lunar's many historical replicas he has scattered about the Steelhead sims. In the Boomtown sim he has a lovely build of the Vista House that exists in real life in Oregon. Inside Lunar's version the floor is a working clock!!

As for the state of my computer, I do not have my new one yet. And honestly, I'm in no hurry to get it back. Why? Marsh personally can not recover the information on my hard drive, its got to be given to people with better equipment then he has access too. But to do that, it costs money. Just for them to diagnose the issue is $150, then more to do the actual recovery. According to the web sight of the place he wants to take it to, it'll be $350 - $500. And I have no idea if that is including the $150 diagnostic fee or not. What this place will do is pull the discs right from the drive case and read them by passing the heads and any other mechanical or OS issues it was having.

So, since the new computer will be devoid of anything that really makes it "mine" IE the 12 years worth of stuff I have on my drive, I feel No real rush to get it back. I'm making due on Turlock's netbook and popping onto Secondlife on Adar's computer. Lacking all "my" stuff now and will still lack it when the new computer gets here. *sighs* Needless to say I am crushed over this development and rather severally depressed. I had wedding photos, kitten photos, ren faire photos, costuming ideas, and tons of other items from over the years on that hard drive! Heck I even have photos of Marsh proposing to his wife on it!! And I mean camera photos not second life photos. I know Marsh did everything he could to recover my items safely with out having to resort to going to people that will charge. And what he could do was a lot more then the average person. So, if he says this is it, it is.

Marsh is going to hold onto my HD till we can manage to save up the money. I am hoping to be able to use the money I get from OKRF on it, but, I wont have that fully till June. Unless like, we win the lottery or something. And I am feeling really REALLY stupid for not having made a backup any time recently. I THINK I have some from around 5 years ago, but that's it. Lesson learned there!
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