April 3rd, 2013

52 weeks of color

52 Crayola Crayons week Fourteen - Pink Flamingo

Week Fourteen

  Pink Flamingo
252, 116, 253

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Outfit [LWL] Aviary Tutu (flamingo)SLURL
Outfit .:: DELISH ::. Bras & Thongs V1 - 03 Pink Marketplace
Hair**Pocket Mirrors** Nastassja SLURL
Pose{.:exposeur:.} When You're Smiling SLURL
Sim Black KiteSLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

26, 17, 16

Pink Flamingo the crayon was added in 1997, kinda, and can be found in the 120 and up packs. It's a florescent color, which so far haven't been translating well to the RGB or Hex codes. I really need to get myself the biggest box of crayons I can find atm. Which is a 150 crayon set!, and compare the colors to the screen. Also would need to find my specialty sets in the garage.

And reading on This page and this page I learned that this color was part of a naming contest that Crayola did in 1997. Called the “Crayola Search for True Blue Heroes”, people where to take one of 8 new colors, draw a picture or write something dedicating that color to someone they consider a hero. Pink Flamingo comes from the Canadian version of this, which had a few color variations from the US, Canada got Pink flamingo for its "color number 2" while the US got a color I have already covered and did not know about the contest before finding this page, Mountain Meadow! Pink Flamingo's Hero was Hero: Bradley Boston and he was Nominated by: Lyndsey Boston, whom I am assuming is related to him somehow. My Google Fu has failed to give me more information on either of them.

I said it was Kinda added in 97 as for a year it's "name" was for the hero, then in 98 all the true blue hero crayons got their standard names.

For the outfit, I fudge some and went with the spirit instead of a super exact match. Because, how often would I get to have a reason to wear this ridiculous Bjork inspired outfit? It did not come with any kind of undergarments so I found a bra on the marketplace that I felt went with it. Simple updo hair style for the hair. The pose, I was going over some new ones and when I found one that had me on one leg it was THIS IS IT!! It was just way to perfect!

As for the Sim, and I am SO pleased to get back to exploring, it is a personal sim that the owners have opened up to allow folks to visit, just stay outta their home and don't fly. Which is easy to do as there private home has ban lines and its set to no fly! I guess due to people NOT obeying their two simple requests.

It's a lovely water sim with a lot of whimsy and quirkiness to it. I enjoyed it a lot. Pose balls and items are scattered about as well as many cute random items, including a single black kite in the air

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These lil bird things are pretty much the mascots of the sim from photos I have seen of it on many blogs.

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Poor Toro, can't come inside, too big.

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The bottles have animated sitting poses inside them, as well as a boat. And the color swirls around the trees change shades as you watch.

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There is even a hidden underwater area, which I will leave you to find yourself! I literally fell into it as I didn't know it was there and went WOOSH down underwater as I was gliding along.

You can see all my photos of Black Kite at This link.

Now to find a place for next weeks color!
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