April 5th, 2013

Fae Kitty of Roses

The Beguiled

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Outfit Petunia Outfit ~PINK~ by Caverna Obscura SLURL
Pose[!ZOOM] Posing Artistry ~butterfly dance ~ SLURL
Sim The BeguiledSLURL

YAY back to sim exploring with out it being in an outfit for a blogger challenge! This is what I had orginaly started this blog for, to get out ad show off secondlife itself, not just to show off clothing. I now try to do a mix of both.

Saw this lovely garden build on Avatars in motion. Which is a fantastic blog to follow if you want to learn of some truly stunning place in Secondlife.

In the Beguiled, you arrive in a lovely gazebo surrounded by a lush park, with a bubbling brook, flowers galore and even some hot springs!

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There are pose balls scattered about, as well as many hidden gems. Like this statue in the brook. You'll also find prim people that give it a nice lived in look.

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I love how its a mix of realistic plants and a bit of fantasy. Just truly lovely.

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You can visit this lovely garden here and see all the photos I took of it here.

The buildings around it I believe have an art gallery, but I did not go inside those to confirm it or not.