April 7th, 2013

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Disneybound challenge - Week Four - Snow White

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Outfit - Shirt +BOUNCE+ BOLERO Red (open) SLURL
Outfit - Corset> DRIFT Cazibe Oriental Corset [Mesh] Navy Gold Damask SLURL
Outfit - pants Vanitas Vesture - Polite Skirt - Goldenrod SLURL
Hair 2012/10/31 Dura Halloween gift hair(For Ladys) SLURL
Hair bow(Caroline's) Hair BowsSLURL
Pose{Just A Pose} Candy Apple prop with poses SLURL
Sim Steelhead NevermoorSLURL

Snow white, The original Princess! Started it all!

Fun Trivia, Adriana Caselotti, Snow's Voice, also sings the lines "Where for art thou Romeo" In the song "If I only had a Heart" in "the Wizard of Oz".

Snow's Iconic outfit was tricky for me. But I got an idea of what I wanted and put it together. The red part was the hardest due to the inability to layer mesh over mesh. *saves mesh rant for another post* I made the bow yellow instead of red as a Red bow would get lost in my hair. And this was the best Apple pose I could find. ..SO surprised to not find many poses with apples! Like, any, at all.

I plan to start doing Strawberries 7 items memes, and had thought to attach them to my Disney posts, but then changed my mind. So now I have to go find an outfit and a pose for those. And I decided to take all the Disney photos single on my home plot instead of exploring like I do for my Crayon Challenge. Why? Change of pace.

Also I just updated the look of my blogger layout! Check it out!
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