April 10th, 2013

52 weeks of color

52 Crayola Crayons week Fifteen - Licorice

Week Fifteen

26, 17, 16

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Outfit *MG Elisa brown Velvet by MarleneSLURL
AccessoryCica's shoulder birdSLURL
Hair!!Calico Creations!! Genevieve 2 SLURL
PoseEmbody Prop Pose Pack F DAISY SLURL
Sim Rust by CicaSLURL

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  Sizzling Sunrise
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Licorice is from the 1994 Magic Scent set, You can guess what it smells like. Which if it smelled anything like the Mr. Sketch Scented markers that everyone had when I was in school, it was NASTY NASTY. Ugh I hated the black marker's scent. And thats not just because I dislike the taste of Black Licorice, the black marker was just gross smelling. As it's a food scent, I wager it got changed out when the Magic Scents went from food to none food scents. Unless they just figured it was so nasty to not bother. I have NO idea what it changed to if it changed.

Anyway, as I discovered when I put the color on a prim in world, the shade is really more a dark dark OMG so dark brown then a black. And this fantastic gown fit the shade perfectly. I chose the hair to add a splash of color apart from my wings. Same with the pose.

The sim I chose, Rust, is a LEA sim and is designed by Cica Ghost, the same artist that did the fantastic black and white sketch sim a while back. Rust is just as amazing a build and one you really Have to see in world as its all full of moving prims and animated textures.

And at the landing point is a cute shoulder birdy for you to wear as you explore.

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the birds are one of the themes of the sim, as they are about in a few locations, including one with eggs! There are also pictures that had been taken on the B&W sim scattered about.

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About the sim are rusty contraptions, trees, giant links of chain, a rocket ship And metal elephants! Aand much much more!

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I can not recommend a visit to this sim anymore then I am. It's very much worth a bit of your time. I have several photos I could have highlighted in this post, but as that would make for a super bulky post you can see the rest of them at this link.

But really, you just HAVE to go see this sim for yourself! Grab the SLURL here and pop on over!
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