April 15th, 2013


Disneybound challenge - Week Five - Dory

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Outfit - Shirt Schadenfreude Yellow Oxford Shirt (open) SLURL
Outfit - Jacket> Mesh Boyfriend Blazer Black BND BX SLURL
Outfit - pants Apricot Paws - meshDigi Pants - Blue SLURL
Prop *Cozi* Hand Held Fish Bowl (boxed) marketplace
HairExile GlorySLURL
PoseClary Craft Mixed Wild Mushroom Grouping with Fairy Dust SLURL
Sim Steelhead NevermoorSLURL

This weeks Disneybound challenge was a REAL one for me. Dory the fish from Finding Nemo was picked, in honor of the announcement of the sequel Finding Dory.

I had no clue how to dress like a fish.

Then Turlock suggested I dress like Dory's Voice Actress Ellen Degeneres, only in Dory's Colors! I liked that idea! Ellen has a very distinctive casual style so it was easy to put together something once he suggested that. I added a bowl with clown fish as a prop for fun.

Very excited about Fantasy Faire opening this week! I wont be able to blog it till Sunday night, Ren faire Stuff. But I think i like missing the start rather then the end like last year.
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