April 23rd, 2013


Crimson Fields ~ a Fantasy Faire Sim

You can get to the SLURL and store list at this link

and all my photos of the sim are at this link

Crimson Fields is a sim built and sponsored by Laufey Markstein of T R I D E N T and the build is a tribute to the Steven King books in the Dark Tower Series.

Now, I am a wussy kitty who does not like horror, so I have never read any Steven King, or seen any movies. Though I do have a weird obsession with Carrie, which while I still have not read, or seen unless you count the bootleg youtube of the current revival of it's musical version.

BUT I do have google, and google leads me to a Dark Tower Wiki, and according to it, the Crimson Fields of the sim are

The  Can'-Ka No Rey ("The Red Fields of None") is the field of roses surrounding the Dark Tower. The roses are very difficult to remove from the ground. They have thorns that can rip into hands while they are in the ground, but become harmless after being removed. The roses call people to come to the Dark Tower. Their call is strongest at sunset

Now I can not say if the roses call to people at sunset, but there is a massive field of them, and the Dark tower. The sim build is in truth very simple, but effect in conveying what it needs to. The effect of the masses and masses of roses is rather stunning. And the tower is imposing in its height. The landing platform a ring of stone arches and roses, in front of Tridents sim store with the rest of the stores curving to the sides of the field of roses.

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I, obviously, have no clue if this next photo is something from the books, or if its exactly what the Whovian in me thinks it is..

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Titanic flower

meadowWorks on Crimson Fields

meadowWorks is one of the shops I was assigned to blog this year, and it has been great fun meeting Garvie Garzo, the artist behind it.

Her main shop is at this location, and her shop is on Crimson Fields, turn left facing tridents store at the landing point and look for the white Moon flowers!

She is not a clothing store but a garden store and makes plants and decorations for your garden! Much needed in Secondlife! where would be go in all our pretty clothing if not for the creators of gardens and buildings?

For Fantasy faire she created a set of items themed around the Greek god Helios, Greek arches, fields of Poppies and a fallen sleeping god all feature in her work.

She uses high quality mesh for her work and its all very well done. I placed her items out on my home land in Steelhead while she was still setting her shop up to get some shots, then got some shots of her store for Fantasy faire.

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Her store is rather clever in it has a hidden spot to find, but a hint is to follow the petals!

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You can see all my photos of her items and shop at this lovely link here!
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FallnAngel Creations and - NaLa – Fashion Buildings on Crimson Fields.

Still using Musa Poses for these shots

The two outfits I'm going to highlight from artists on Crimson fields are both the Relay kiosk items from their designers. Lets start with FallnAngel offering!

This stunning gown took me by surprise when I was photographing it. I was in front of the angle and searching for the right pose, when I noticed something. The rainbow colored parts, SHIFT through the entire spectrum! The effect is so subtle I didn't notice at first! This made me love the gown even more. It flows and swirls in the lovely ways that only a well made flexi prim gown can. And the rainbow and white looks fantastic together.

There are a few other Relay kiosks outfits from Fallen, including a black and red version of this same gown that matches the Crimson fields sim, but this is the one I picked. So glad I did! Their Relay shop is right next to the landing point.

Now onto NaLa, who is new to me, but I saw the gown in a preview and had to have it. It has fantasy medieval feeling to it and a gorgeous shade of light purple.

Nalas's Relay shop is to the right as you enter the sim from Magnificat, so make sure you don't miss it as the road turns left!
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cake topper

Evensong Woods ~ A fantasy faire Sim

The snowy elven forest sim called Evensong Woods is created and sponsored by Searlait Nitschke of Roawenwood

SLURL, map and store list can be found here

Tall imposing redwoods rise high above a snowy landscape, nestled among the strong branches is an eleven city of great beauty.

The web page blurb says this about the sim

Resting in the treetops of is the elven enclave of Yuale Nura. Bathed in moonlight, the homes glow warm in the deep blues and purples of a winter’s night. A light dusting of snow gives the impression of undisturbed slumber, but perhaps all is not as quiet as first impressions suggest.

And it lives up to it. I found it a lovely sim, though at first a bit intimidating, I SUCK at walking on platforms and tend to fall off. But NEVER FEAR THIS! There are invisiprim edges that keep you on the walk ways! YAY!!

It has quite a few fabulous designers on it, so go take a look. And don't just walk among the shops in the tree, the snowy ground with its mushrooms and ponds is quite lovely as well.

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You can see all my photos of this fabulous sim at this link
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Fae Kitty of Roses

The Plastik, Mystic Sky, EMO-tions and Lemon Tea/ Two Cats on Evensong Woods at Fantasy Faire

I have a grand mishmash of creators to show off for this post, all on the Evensong Woods sim at Fantasy Faire.

Lets start with the "holy crap you will never see me in anything like this outfit ever again" outfit. It is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship, I just don't usually wear items this reveling! It is a silks set by The Plastik, called The Valandriel Armor that is a mix of mesh and regular prims. Comes in MANY MANY shades, in fact I had a hard time picking out which one to wear, and a hud to change fabric on the silk and the gemstones on the bra shoulder piece thing. I am wearing the Magicka color.

To say I stepped out of my comfort zone with this outfit is putting it mildly, But it is such an amazing piece I felt I should show it off for those that do love this kind of clothing looking at you Aurora!*

My pose is also available at Evensong, by {Lemon Tea}/c( Two Cats ) Magical Poses and is from their magical poses set. Not a relay offering but very nice!

Next up is a lovely blue gown by ~ Mystic Sky ~ and is one of their Relay offerings this year. It's called Miranda , comes with two skirt lengths and a headpiece! I love the trenderily things on the waist. My hair is also a relay offering from .:EMO-tions:. and the forehead jewels are a part of it! It's partial none rigged mesh so I could resize it to fit me SUPER easily. I came in a limited number of shades but this red one is one of them. The pose I am in is from the same set that I used above.

All of these shops are on the Evensong Sim of Fantasy Faire, you can get an SLURL, map and SLURL's to their main stores at this link.
RFL purple kitty

Titans Hollow - a fantasy faire Sim

The Amazing hanging lantern buildings and glowing plants of the Titans Hollow sim is designed and sponsored by Elicio Ember of Cerridwen’s Cauldron.

SLURL and store list can be found here

Now, Elico has gotten back to me about the insperation behind her amazing build. He told me that the original name for the sim was "Caras Calar, which is Elvish for "Lantern City", but the name of the region was changed to "Titan's Hollow", to make it easier for people that have trouble with Elvish pronunciation." Which is why he went with his amazing glowing floating Lantern shops. Which where inspired in part by and episode of the TV show Avatar the last air bender, which featured a temple in a cliff. He changed it to big lanterns dangling from chains among rocks for aesthetic reasons.

The shops are a mix of mesh and normal prims, AND you can own several different version of them! He has them for sale in his store on the sim! One is even a Relay item! I plan to pick one up later this week, they are just so stunning I MUST own one! As well as some of his amazing glowing orchids.

The pathway up among the rocks and lanterns looks to be clear, but its not AND like Searlait, who did Evensong Woods, they are made so you don't fall off them! YAY!

I have to say this is one of my favorite sims this year. It's just stunning.

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This is so far, my favorite photo I have taken of Fantasy Faire, and it was pure accident. I was moving the camera around and everything just lined up perfect for this shot.

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You can see all my photos of this amazing sim at this link here
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