April 25th, 2013


Lumenaria ~ A fantasy faire Sim

Wooohh, posting later then I meant to today!

The sim of Lumenaria is a bright sunny town in the mist of a festival to the sun. The sim was designed by Kayle Matzerath of ~*GOD*~ Garden of Dreams and sponsored by rynn Verwood of Solarium

SLURL, Map and Store list can all be found at this link

This sim is bright and happy and full of love and joy and you can tell that by just walking into it. I love it, the town and its decorations to the sun remind me a lot of Tangled, and that's one of my favorite Disney movies.
Bright clumps of flowers *I want some!* are all scattered about, along with floating bunches of balloons. The central fountain and park is quite lovely and peaceful. And, some of the time, flying over the sim is a large dragon carrying a boat that hosts Fantasy faire radio! The purple dragon's name, I have been told, is Meowie, or possibly Shahara, I got given two names :P

This sim seems to be the "breedables" sim as it has at least two of them on it! Meero's and Dwarfins, not sure if any others that I am not aware of are on it. I don't think any other sim had any on it.

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You can see all my photos of this fantastic sim at this link here
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As you wish

~The Library~ at Lumenaria

YAY look! I have at last gotten to one of my other assigned stores! And I could not be happier to have gotten them. They are a rebranded store and restarting, but for the life of me I can't remember from what it used to be..

All of the dresses I got from The Library are mesh, and very well done. Each one unique and quite lovely. The designers behind the new line are DreamFantasia Nightfire and Augurer, working as a team to create a variety of dress styles.

You can get to their main shop via this SLURL

and their shop on Lumenaria is close to the border between Lumenaria and the valley of Ishnar.

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They provided me with three lovely gowns to show you, all relay offerings. And I forgot to switch to normal wind light instead of the sim windlight to show you the proper colors of the dresses, except for one of them.

The first one here is called Brett and to me has a somewhat 20's style to it. It comes in two colors and I am showing off the pink one.

next up is a fantasy gown named after the sorceress Circe! It's my fav of the three outfits. It comes with a headpiece and armbands!

The last dress is called Tremaine ..and I have to wonder if it is named for Cinderella's stepfamily! But then I am known for being a bit of a Disney geek.

Do check out their shop!!
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::{Elysium}:: and Meero's on Lumenaria

I have two things to show you also from Lumenaria. One is a gown one is...not!

Lets start with the gown. It's by ::{Elysium}:: as is the horns and garland I am wearing. Both relay offerings. The gown is called Maenad while the matching wreath and antler, have no real name.

I love this gown, but then I am a sucker for gowns with flowers on them, and the blue roses are a lovely touch. The matching antlers also come in a version with just the garland, but I like the birdy on them so antler kitty it is!

I really like the styling of the gown and I don't think I have anything else by them so I may just have to go take a look at what else they have to offer at their main store.

Next up, something a little different for me, A breedble! ..Now I have done the breedbles critters in the past, and in fact i have some kitty cats on my land right now. The past two years relay kitties.

Now I tried Meeros at one point, but I think I did so at a busy time for me and just got overwhelmed and gave up. I do think they are adorable and worth it if you want to give it a go. I love the sounds they make and the storyline that comes with them!

I was given a blogger pack by them to review and so I shall so. It came with two random plants and a starter set of meero nest, food and home stone. I did not fully open up the starter set. The plants though, are quite lovely and would make nice plants to have about your land even if you do not have any Meeros.

As I didn't uuh..hatch, my meero, and my memory sucks, I can't remember if the meero you get in the pack is an exclusive to Fantasy faire coat or not.

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Now their store on Lumenaria is SOOO adorable! I love it a lot. really shows off the plants and the meeros themselves. In fact outside they have one I WANT SO MUCH!

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FAIRY MEERO!..at least that is what it looks like to me. SO ADORABLE!!

And like I said the inside is just as great

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So go check out the Meeros, I Believe they have a few meero type decorations to offer as well, statues of the cute critters. And if you want to give raising them a go check out their main sim to learn more!
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