May 2nd, 2013

Me and my Dragon

Disneybound Challenge week Eight - Aladdin & Jasmine

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Outfit Top SLC Blouse Jasmin tuerkis SLURL
Outfit Pants /artilleri/ 1st mate capris *white* Tinted SLURL
Jewelry comes with the hair SLURL
Hair [LeLutka]-JASMINE hair/Dark Red SLURL
On Adar
Pants ::Schoen:: Zeit-men's (Purple) SLURL
Shirt Apricot Paws - meshDigi Pants - White SLURL
Pose D.Luxx Poses - Fairy Tale Devotions - A Whole New World SLURL
Sim Steelhead Nevermore SLURL

The ladies over at Style minions Declared this week of Disney bounding as couples week! So I got to dress Adar up.

Note, Fezzes may be cool, but Adar does NOT look good in one. Best leave the Fez wearing to The Doctor.

Had the post already, it was from the Hollywood event, so isn't available anymore to my knowledge. Had the hair as well, which I bet is going to be the go too hair for a lot of entries this week! The rest of mine and Adar's outfits fell together after some poking about the marketplace.

I really love this shot. A lot! Very romantic!
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