October 10th, 2013

52 weeks of color

52 Crayola Crayons Week Forty One - Alien Armpit

Week Forty One

  Alien Armpit
132, 222, 2

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Outfit *Rag Dollz* Autumn Witch Set 2009 - GreenSLURL
Hair175 Elite Hairs*.Hallow Spider Goddess hair RedSLURL
Pose!BANG - Hold This PumpkinSLURL
SimSiren Haunted Trail 2013SLURL

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138, 121, 93

Fun green color, that like I said last week, comes from a pack called Silly Scents and I have NO idea what Alien Armpit smells like.

I found this weeks haunted place via the destination guide, and..I do not recommend it. It's a maze and its a pain in the NECK maze. You can't see the walls, they are made of knee high dark brush on a dark floor with Cat luminaries your to follow. Which is hard enough as it is, but they have stuff attacking you that pushes you away from the spots you;re to turn! And the invisible walls go all the way to the ceiling so just turning on highlight transparent to SEE the walls results in a bit red blur.

I have no idea if there is a prize at the end as I gave up. I had a hard enough time finding the opening!

If you want to be really super challenged with a maze this would be it. If you get frustrated easily, avoid it.

That Said I did get a few photos, mostly from panning the camera around You can see all of them here

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