May 7th, 2014

Belle Rose

The Muses, MysticHope Design, and Vengeful Threads on Mourningvale Thicket

So my AC died and I spent the last couple days trying to get that fixed while also melting. Heat makes me want to do very little so...thats why the lack of blog posts! Sorry!

Still not fixed but we have fans now and the window AC in the bedroom so I managed some sleep at least yay!

Enough about why no posts. Time for some more fantastic outfits you can get at Fantasy faire! Only a few days left! Lets see if I can get my posts done before I have to leave for Oklahoma again!

Mourningvale Thicket has some grand shops on it and you can see the full list here

I will bring you two stunning outfits by a new to me designer named Vengeful Threads. I love the quality of these outfits. They are a lovely mix of mesh and flex prims with beautiful texture work.

The first one is called Lady Corvus, I love the feathers on it.

Click for bigger

And the second one is called The Sea Witch.

Click for bigger

next up is - MysticHope's Blossom Spell Apricot gown I love the color and the belt on it.

Click for bigger

and lastly I am showing you the muses . Paiva . teal . Which has some stunning peacock feather shoulder drapes.

Click for bigger

Now to go back to my next sim and get some more photos, it's my favorite and I've been told a few fun things to get shots of!
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