May 8th, 2014


Fantasy Faire 2014 Sim - The Faery Court

The Faery Court, my favorite sim this year, is designed and sponsored by Elicio Ember of Cerridwen’s Cauldron

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You can see all of my photos of the sim at this link

I hardly know where to start with this breathtaking sim. I love Elicio's use of textures and subtle glow. And the tree that is the focal point is The sim is divided into Seelie and Unseelie courts, IE "good" faries and "Bad" Fairies. The Seelie side green and full of life, the Unseelie dark and decaying.

Bonus you CAN own that tree, but at the size it is. He hasn't rebuilt it to be smaller. Also you can buy the houses, which I have preordered already!

There, really isn't much I CAN saw about this sim that will do it justice. Here are some photos, more on the link above, but GO SEE IT! Before it vanishes!

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I would really love to see what would happen if Elicio and Lunar collaborated together.
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