July 19th, 2015

RFL purple kitty

The Luminaria Ceremony

Missing those gone and Thinking of those fighting the cancer battle.

I chose to hold a lantern this year instead of a candle to represent the bright light that Relay is in the fight towards candle. Leading the way to a cure.

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RFL purple kitty

Relay for Life of Secondlife 2015 Is over for the year

The joy and bittersweetness of it is setting in. Was it a record year like the past few? No, but after last years big 10th anniversary blow out, that makes sense. Bit of a scale back after all the extremeness of last year. Was it still a great year? Of course! We raised $262,848 with more due in by the end of August! That's not a small amount. 1229 people ran the track, and I made my personal goal of beating last years 12 laps by one lap. Despite some worse then ever sim crossing issues before the Luminara ceremony. AND I made my none Secondlife donation goal! look!

The last $50 came from a Ren Faire friend who is a survivor. They've asked I not state their name though. Got it in JUSt as I was about to go to bed so made for a GREAT ending for my Relay!

Now, to go into these camps in more detail and see all the great things people built! Some great looking interactive builds this year!

And I leave you with a shot of Steelheads Camp. Lunar did a great job this year.

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