April 22nd, 2017

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Fantasy Faire 2017 Sim - The Hill


Sponsored by Titans & Solarium.

The Hill  by Kilik Lekvoda.
A peaceful and beautiful village built into the rolling hills surrounding a small lake. Breathe in warmth, peace, and maybe a little pipe smoke, A place where friendships sprout as readily as the mushrooms beneath leafy green trees.

All my photos of the sim are at this link

Welcome to the magical realm of the Hill. Or, as you will quickly learn, could also be called the Shire. This sim is a wonderfully sunny build that you expect to see Hobbits or a wizard pulling up in a cart at any moment. There's even a party going on! It's a super cheerful sim that just makes you happy to be in.

There are duck, goats, and bunnies, which I love. Also its a grand sim to prance about in that deer avatar from Chaddul Ro in. Whole flocks can be seen at times. That avatar has been a HUGE hit at the faire this year.

This is another of the Roleplay sims and you can learn more about it here

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The Hill Creators - Aleutia, Jinx, Analog dog, NSP, Touryuumon, KS desgins

Click here for a list of all the stores on The Hill with SLURL's to their main stores I will not be posting SLURL's individually, as you can get them all at this handy link. If you need one for an item I have on that is NOT at Fantasy fair, and that will mostly be hair and poses, Ask for it! I'll be happy to tell you, but I am trying to highlight the Fantasy Faire items, or items by FF vendors only. Also I switch between a Slink, Maitreya or system body depending on the outfit, So please demo first! SLURL to the sim.

Not quite as many outfits from this sim. Mostly, as if you are a tiny or a dinkie avatar wearer this is the sim you want to go to! I wear neither so I don't have any of those to blog. But GO TO THE HILL if you do! So many designers for those types of avatars!

Lets start with this gorgeous ball gown from Aleutia. This gown comes with a hud that lets you change the color of several parts to mix and match. The top is slightly sheer but the bottom is full satin and flows so nicely. I am also wearing one of two new hairs by Analog Dog for the faire, this one is called Umberon. The multi braids are fun and playful. The bunnies are part of the sim and I had to include them in the photo. SO CUTE.

Moving onto another dress, thats really more lingerie again, also by Aleutia. Again its color change but only one overall color, though you can wear it with or with out the tassels. It's very sheer, as you can tell by that you can see my belly button. But again would be good if you are the type that wears this for your sweetie. So many colors to chose from!

And in all honesty I love how this photo turned out.

And lastly I have a sweet lil milk maid type outfit, PERFECT for a Shire themed sim. It's by NSP and you can get the dress, with texture change, hair, hat and flowers for the hair! Its so adorable. I have a friend that would love this outfit so much. So gonna try to get it for her!

Now for some gacha pets by Jinx. A whole little herd of equines of various types. I'm not even showing off all the styles you can win either!

And lastly some rez items. The mushroom and the Mandela stone are by Jinx, the gazebo is by Touryuumon and the house behind them *full view at this link* is by KS Designs and is the Fairy enchanted house. They have a number of homes up and I obviously liked this one best. It has purple walls with fairies inside the two level house.
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Fantasy Faire 2017 Sim - Dawn’s Promise

Sponsored by The Looking Glass.

Dawn’s Promise  by Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee.
A secret place between times where the old becomes reborn into the new. Majestic crumbling ruins dissolve into a sea of glorious foliage. A place where the lost energies of the past are converted into new life. Springs of life-giving water overflow. Flower petals and creative energy float on the breeze. This is the space between the exhale and the inhale. Full of hope and promise.

All my photos of the sim are at this link

I love this sim so much. I want to live in it. It's just a blissful, colorful, calming sim. Marcus and Sharni have scattered all sorts of cozy little nooks to rest in and enjoy the faire day with. I plan to pick up a number of them. They are so delightfully boho and fae like.

That the buildings are on what can only be described as upside down mountains adds to the magical ethereal feeling. Dozens of waterfalls spilling off of them into the water below add a calming effect. And the vine and flower covered buildings, artfully crumbling in places, just makes for a place that screams live here and be happy.

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