April 28th, 2017


Fantasy Faire 2017 Sim - Morbus - The Bard Queen's Quest Sim


Morbus by Kilik Lekvoda & Kayle Matzerath.
The Fairelands Quest: The Bard Queen’s Song will feature its thrilling adventures in the dark lands of Morbus!

All my photos of this sim can be seen at this link here.

And here we have the last sim. The Quest sim. Its pretty simple as far as past quest sims have gone. But still a grand build.
The quest will take you to each of the faire sims looking for an item and a treasure box. You CAN skip the box but don't as that gets you a souvenir of the sim! Which are always worth it. And then at the end of the quest a flood of gifts from various creators from about the fairelands.

So, I'd say give yourself about 3 hours for the quest, mostly to find the items in the sims, some are harder then others. But on the Morbus sim itself it goes pretty quickly. And if you quest in a group it goes even faster! More people to look for the items on the sims!

The quest is 250L for the basic hud and 350L for the hud and an exclusive outfit. I am wearing part of the womans outfit below. Couldn't get the leggings to work but the top is pretty cute! And of course ALL the linden spent goes to Relay!

You can learn more about the quest here

I will post again on Monday with a wrap up post. I Wont be around Saturday and Sunday as I got talked into going someplace for the weekend.

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