July 18th, 2017

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A suitcase full of Hope..

A suitcase full of Hope..

Relay is, once again,, over for the year.

This year seemed a, much calmer year, then in the past but still a grand one. Steelhead is back with its own team. That felt good and right, though we will have to work on getting people on during relay weekend next year to camp sit. It was empty a lot due to not a whole lot of us on the track. I plan to be at what ever camp we have a lot next year though. This year I managed TWENTY laps. Mostly due to the smaller amount of sims then in past years. The track was the smallest it's been since 2006, when it was 4,065. This year it was 6,758 meters, last year it was 9,000. It hasn't dipped below 8000 meters since 2006. So, yeah that helped me with a record laps. But it was still also a lot of work and next year, I'm gonna take it easy. I'll have earned all three lap awards so, yeah. No need to try to break any personal records. Camp sit, explore the builds DURING the relay. take more shots of the other teams. It'll be fun!

We had a total of 996 avatars come to the sims, and the current US total is $207,311 since March! Sim's behaved pretty well, not as good as last year but much much better then in past. Some great builds. I'll share some photos from before, during and after, after the flood party tomorrow. Thanks to a media day I KNOW I got a photo of at least the front of every camp sight before the weekend started. Some, per usual, took theirs down right at the end so no extra exploring them.

Had some STUNNING builds though, it will be a shame they will be leaving. You have two days left to go walk and look at all the camps still about.. GO GO GO!! Start here at the Steelhead camp!
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