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New years clean ups

First, let me clean out my save photo folder and post links to stuff I did and never took photos of!

First up, an temporary sim installment called if I recall correctly, A Touch of Red, I don't remember who created it. But I do remember it was about the Phantom of the Opera. And I enjoyed it immensity. I loved the stylized art and the incorporation of letters with lyrics from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical scattered about. http://www.softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/Touchred/index.html

Next we have a bunch of random photos from around Steelhead before it disappeared. Among the random nonsense and dance shots are shots of the last dance in the teahouse, what my Nevermore plot used to look like, and the very last dance in Steelhead.


And lastly, some photos I took while at Pandora's Box of Dreams when it was still the Del Mar dream. I was there for contest photos but ran into a large turtle that comes up, lays eggs then leaves and the eggs hatch, and then baby turtles head into the ocean! I got the whole sequence captured


And now that those are out of the way. Time for future of this blog talk.

My plate is, considerably less full, this year. For reasons I don't want to talk about. So I am going to give the 52 themes a try again. Starting Tomorrow in fact! A theme a week posted on Wednesdays.

Starting with
Week 1 January 6th

Some of the weeks will be repeated themes, on different weeks of course. And I will take new photos and go to new sims to give new interpretations of themes I did in the past. I've also changed around a few, removed a few and added others.

Other bloggers are welcomed to join in, but I'm really doing this more for me to keep me posting weekly. I do still have a flickr group for it though, which is moderated as some flickr bloggers just dump into all their groups and don't watch to make sure its one that fits the group.

Also due to my new free time I hope to be more involved in Relay this year. I really hope to be on the blogger list for Fantasy Faire again. I SO love doing that.

And that's all my updates from 2015 and plans for 2016.

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