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A Year of Weekly Themes - Week 1 Theme - Birthday!

If you are doing this challenge please comment on the post! And for more info from when I tried this last year click here and click here for explanation of part 2 at the bottom of the post!

Flickr Group for the Challenge

Week 1 Theme

Click for bigger

Outfit Idril Gown ~PINK~ by Caverna Obscura - SLURL
Jewelry ::: Krystal ::: Rosemarie - Tiara (MultiJewel) SLURL
Pose Exposeur/Decoy - Chasing Stars SLURL
Sim Kaimela Mista SLURL

Next Weeks Theme

So this year, instead of tearing my hair out trying to find sims to explore to match the theme, I'm just going with the pose and outfit. And the sim will be a sim that inspires me to explore it, instead of feeling forced to explore it to match the theme. Now some sims will match the theme, but if I can't match them I'm not going to stress it.

How does this to me represent birthdays? I feel on your birthday its the one day you should wear clothing you love, in your favorite color and I love pink and pretty clothing. And balloons are just a birthday thing to me! They are fun and innocent.

Oh and why Birthday for the first theme? My RL birthday is Friday!

Now onto this sim, called Kaimela Mista, it's actually a build on a 1/4 of a sim. But they managed to pack a lot of gorgeousness into that quarter of a sim!

You'll arrive on a beach before some cliffs, if you look and click around you'll find a hidden cave, then turn around and walk along the beach to get to the path up to the top of the cliff. I loved the campfire on the beach as its interactive and quite neat.

Up the cliff brings you to a meadow and some magical ruins. I LOVED this effect! And I liked how they randomly stuck small crystals into some of the trees. There is also another hidden area, and a pavilion of games to play if you bring some friends. Going back down the cliff you find a small inlet, with a boat, a tree tunnel going to a dance pavilion and a log bridge to a quite romantic area.

The land owners have asked that you stay out of the tower on the ground, and have put up ban lines to keep people out. But you can go into the tower int he air and it is WORTH the flight up to it. There is no teleport so yes you have to fly. they have filled each floor just magically.

I do highly recommend a visit to this lovely build. I of course took a lot more photos and you can see those all at this link here.
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