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21 January 2016 @ 12:30 am
A Year of Weekly Themes - Week 3 Theme - Pink!  
If you are doing this challenge please comment on the post! And for more info from when I tried this last year click here and click here for explanation of part 2 at the bottom of the post!

Flickr Group for the Challenge

Week 3 Theme

Click for bigger

Outfit Poet's Heart - Winter Poem - Dream- SLURL
Outfit Available at The Secret Affair SLURL
Jewelry .:a:. Dangara -Collar&Necklace-SLURL
Pose*Eternal Dream* Angel 01SLURL
SimTelrunya - Forest of DreamsSLURL

Next Weeks Theme

Pink...pink PPAAANNKKKK Pink! Pink is my favorite color. Just nearly every shade of it save pepto bismal pink. That one can go away. It just makes me so happy to wear pink. So I put on my newest pink gown and found a stunning sim to explore.

The sim is called Telrunya - Forest of Dreams and it is so beautiful and magical. I got so many ideas for my own land from it. It's another of those sims that seems ripped from my mind. And reminds me a lot of Chakryn Forest. All it needs is some quests to be perfect!

You can see all my photos of it at this link here.

It's a thick lush magical forest full of ruins and little nooks. Wandering paths, pools, magical sparkles and a river way you can row a boat along.

They do allow rezzing of items for photos if you join the group, but nearly all the prims are in use so you can't rez anything super prim heavy, and the sim is so stunning you really shouldn't need to.

The sim wind light is permanently midnight, and there is a prim surrounding the sim to give it a very starry sky and full moon. So it's tricky to navigate in the forest at times. SO I'm not sure if I FOUND everything but I did go to all the places on the teleport system they have set up.

I very much recommend a visit, it would make a lovely romantic date to go on!

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