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I get some of the most random comments on my wings. ALWAYS good ...this one today made me giggle a lot

Lil guy comes up to me wearing a pepper colored Grendals fairy dragon.

Softpaw Sommer: hello
OX Phlox: hai.... im in love
Softpaw Sommer: oohh that's nice..with who?
OX Phlox: whit your butterfly wings lol
Softpaw Sommer: *giggles* Would you like a LM to where I got them?
OX Phlox: no thnx you... i only like them...
Softpaw Sommer: ok..thank you *smiles*
OX Phlox: can you fly whit it ??? and may i see it ???

*I fly wings get bigger and go faster*

OX Phlox: nice and soft. i see
Softpaw Sommer: thank you

I normally keep my wings at Medium size and slow twitch. When I fly though they go to fast twitch and large size.

Yes...Jen's wings are the best out there in SL.
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